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Where Should We Get Nerdy Next?
The NerdFest is hitting the road on our first-ever US tour-- and we need YOU to help us know where to go! Cast your vote now and I'll give you my "Re-Train Your Brain: Success Edition" audio training program for FREE (a $97 value!)
"So, Brittany... what exactly are we going to DO at the Nerdfest?"
I'm so glad you asked!

The NerdFest is broken down into 3 main sessions. During each session, I'm going to walk you through the process of mashing one of your most gnarly "mind potatoes," as pertaining to 1) the past, 2) the present and 3) the future (one potato per session).

Once we've gotten those potatoes (a.k.a. limiting beliefs) out of your way, we'll spend the rest of the session "getting nerdy..."

...which, to me, means brainstorming, planning, strategizing and all-around GEEKING OUT about whatever you feel inspired to create. 

During the "getting nerdy" stage of each session, you'll have the opportunity to work through the same strategic processes I use to generate really exciting results in my business, AND you'll have your own event workbook to use, so you'll be able to take those same processes home with you and use them over and over again whenever you need clarity (even if you don't have a business at all!)

One thing's for sure-- this day will be a VERY EXCITING new beginning for you, and leave you feeling like a very nerdy, new-and-improved version of yourself. All Rights Reserved - Terms and Conditions- Privacy Policy - Disclaimer All Rights Reserved - Terms and Conditions- Privacy Policy